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Registered Miniature Jersey Cattle
 Welcome to Crooked Oak Farm.  We raise miniature Jersey cows, Miniature-milkers.  We are a small farm located in Umatilla, Florida. 

Crooked Oak Farm is a family owned farm.   Jim and Jean Peckham, their children and their grandchildren are all involved with the micro-dairy farm.  We have found that farming is a great way to raise children. 

What is a miniature cow?  Why miniature cows?

Miniature cows are smaller cows that measure under 48 inches.  There are two classifications of miniature cows.  Cows under 42" are considered to be full miniatures.  Cows 42" to 48" are considered mid-sized miniatures.  There are many different breeds of miniature cows including dairy breeds and beef breeds.  Some breeds can be used for dual purpose- beef or dairy. 

Miniature cows are easier to handle than the full size cow.  They are easier on land, equipment, fences and facilities.  Miniatures are easy to raise on smaller acreage farms.  A farm can have more miniatures per acre than the full size cow.  Feed expenses are about 1/3 less.  For beef production the miniatures are 25% more efficient in feed conversion.  Miniature milkers can produce enough milk for your family.

Our miniature-milkers make great pets and can provide your family with fresh milk. 

We love our miniature Jerseys.  Our breeding stock includes mid-size Jersey cows named June, Maude, Sapphire and one mini-Jersey cow, Summer.  The Jersey's are considered mid-sized because they measure about 46" at the hip.  We started raising miniature cows in August of 2008.  Our "girls" are all grass-fed, supplemented with alfalfa pellets and hay. We also u
se a mineral lick of dolomite, sulfur, copper and kelp. They also receive a daily dose of cider vinegar and a weekly dose of castor oil.  They NEVER are given antibiotics or hormones. We raise chickens at our farm too. We have fresh chicken eggs and raw milk "for pet food only." Jean uses the fresh milk to make butter, low-fat yogurt, and occasionally we have "Farmhouse Cheddar" cheese available. She has also developed a line of handmade milk soap and solid lotion bars. 

American Miniature Jersey Association

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Crooked Oak Farm

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